Carbon Fibre 1.2m Manual DSNG Flyaway Antenna

Designed for rapid deployments in hostile environments, the 120KU is the choice for a high performance Ku-band flyaway antenna that is both lightweight and rugged.


  • 6 segment high efficiency offset carbon fibre reflector
  • 2-port global mode-matched feed
  • Reflector/Feedhorn combination exceeds all relevant Eutelsat/Intelsat RF performance Specifications
  • Adjustment of elevation and azimuth axes
  • Quick, single person deployment


The 1.2m precision crafted carbon-fibre reflector is lightweight whilst maintaining maximum strength. It retains it’s precise shapeeven after being reassembled hundreds of times.


The antenna, feed and tripod pack into two padded cases which ensure maximum protection with minimum added weight.

When packed the cases comply with current IATA airline luggage regulations for weight and dimensions.