Complete iDirect Ku-band Driveaway System

The EZ-DRIVE is a complete motorised Ku-band iDirect vehicle Driveaway system.  It’s ideal for rapid, newsgathering or disaster recovery deployments, and can be mounted on any vehicle in a few hours.

  • 1.2m Autopointing antenna system with professional 1RU controller
  • Integrated 10W, 25W or 40W Extended Ku-Band BUCiDirect Evolution Modem  and LNB
  • Can be easily mounted on the roof of virtually any vehicle
  • Very low stowed height (< 30cm)

Fully automatic antenna system with simple 1 button  stow and deploy process.  Includes 1RU controller with professional display to indicate pointing status.  Integral  DVB receiver and optional beacon receiver for fast accurate pointing.


The system comes with high quality extended Ku-Band BUC with PLL LNB and Evolution series iDirect modem.



The EZ-DRIVE system is designed to be easily integrated by anyone onto the vehicle roof or roof bars.  We also provide a roof interface to enable the four cables to be routed through the roof whilst maintaining the vehicles integrity.  The controller is rackmounted and easily fitted and wired into an existing vehicle infrastructure.


10W, 25W,40W BUC

Bandwidth packages available

Gilat, Hughes and Newtec versions