Ka-D Flyaway



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The KA-D 75 is a high performance, compact flyaway antenna for use Ka band HTS satellite platforms.  It’s ideal for use in applications such as Disaster Recovery, and can be deployed without tools in a few minutes.


  • Single piece pressed steel reflector
  • Single person deployable without tools in one minute
  • Packs into two sub-23Kg IATA Compliant cases Battery powered with Integrated modem and high powered Wi-Fi



The 75cm pressed steel reflector is type approved, durable and ideal for most applications needing a lightweight and  affordable antenna system.


The tripod, transceiver, modem and optional battery pack fit into a single foam padded case.  The steel reflector is carried in a separate padded bag.  The bag and case separately weigh less than 23kg, making them ideal for standard commercial air transportation.

Tripod & Mount

The tripod and antenna mount use a precision gimbal mount, shared with the premium Karbon-75 Antenna and making the tripod easy to level and quick to point accurately.


Assembly is a straightforward process requiring no additional tools.

  • Remove the components from the foam-lined case.
  • Adjust the centre gimbal mount using the built-in spirit level to level the mount.
  • Fit the single piece reflector onto the mount using the hand bolts.  Fold out the feed assembly and attach the modem/battery backpack.
  • Preset the satellite elevation on feed-arm inclinometer and set the antenna elevation to match.
  • Follow the modem-specific “install” procedures and determine the optimum azimuth orientation.
  • Lock off the azimuth axis and fine tune elevation using the feedback from TRIA and modem.
  • Lock off elevation axis and let the  terminal complete the network log-in process.
  • Prepare for your live transmission!