Chameleon LITE

Lightweight flyaways for Challenging Environments


Chameleon LITE is the ultimate ultra-lightweight flyaway with built-in features and options to cope with the most demanding of assignments.

Chameleon LITE flyaways are rapidly deployable, rugged, and ideal for operation in the toughest environments – essential qualities for satellite newsgathering.

The systems are set up without tools within minutes and are so simple to operate that transmissions can be on air just minutes after arriving on site.

All Sat-Comm padded cases are foam lined and are manufactured from heavy duty nylon; rugged to withstand the inevitable bumps and scrapes of life on the road.
When packed, all cases meet current IATA checked luggage weight and linear length (L+W+H) restrictions of 23kg and 157cm respectively.

The modular design, quick-release waveguides and colour-coded cable looms make assembly easy with minimal technical knowledge. It takes just a few minutes from arrival to being ready for a transmission.


  • 5 case SNG flyaway (including antenna)
  • Extended Ku-band operation (13.75 GHz – 14.5 GHz)
  • Lightweight IATA compliant cases
  • Fast deployment by a single operator
  • Quick release wave guide interfaces
  • Fully protected mains powered from single 16A inlet
  • Filtered, fan assisted cooling system

Key Components

  • Encoder/Modulator: Ericsson Voyager II DSNG MPEG-2/4 SD/HD Encoder
  • Professional IRD: Ericsson RX8200
  • Block Upconverter: Internal E2V L-band to Ku-band upconverter
  • HPA: Outdoor E2V miniStellar 180W Ku-band TWTA (13.75 – 14.5 GHz)
  • LNB: 9.75 / 10.6 GHz SMW dual band LNB
  • Baseband Monitoring: Sat-Comm HD A/V Monitoring unit:
  • Spectrum Analyser: User Choice
  • Case materials: Foam lined heavy duty Nylon cases

System Options

Please note that some options will add additional cases.

  • Antenna options
  • HPA power options
  • Dual path transmission chain
  • Comms / IP modem / multiplex facilities
  • High Stability Dual band LNB
  • C, Ku, DBS, X, Ka and Multiband amplifiers
  • Remote Control and Monitoring Package
  • Ultra low data rate option (>500 kb/s)

Cases 1 & 2: Antenna

  • 120KU, 1.2m antenna with multi segment carbon fibre reflector
  • Lightweight carbon fibre/aluminium tripod
  • Lightweight foam lined cases



Case 3: Tx/RX Case

  • 2U or 3U lightweight foam lined case
  • Ericsson encoder modulator
  • Ericsson IRD
  • HPA controller



Case 4: AV Case

  • 4U lightweight foam lined case
  • Comprehensive A/V monitoring package
  • HPA controller
  • spectrum analyser



Case 5: HPA Case

  • Freestanding lightweight foam lined case
  • 180W Ku-band HPA with L-band upconverter