Complete iDirect Ku-band Flyaway System

The EZ-FLY is a complete manual or motorised Ku-band iDirect flyaway system that is lightweight, rugged and dependable.  It’s ideal for rapid, newsgathering or disaster recovery deployments, and can be assembled without tools in a few minutes.

  • 1.2m 6 segment high efficiency carbon fibre reflector
  • Integrated 10W, 25W or 40W Extended Ku-Band BUC
  • Integrated iDirect Evolution Modem and LNB
  • Quick, single person deployment in 2-3 minutes with minimal training
  • Packs into two 23Kg (32kg for motorised solution) IATA Compliant cases

Precision engineered 1.2m carbon-fibre segmented reflector.  The sturdy tripod design features a gimbal mount to make levelling and pointing the antenna fast and simple.


The system comes with high quality extended Ku-Band BUC with PLL LNB and Evolution series iDirect modem.


The complete system packs into two padded cases.   Each weigh less than the 23kg (32kg for motorised system) limit for checked baggage and comply with IATA airline luggage regulations.


Assembly is straightforward taking one person less than five minutes to complete without additional tools.

Easy-to-use rotary hand controls and secure locking levers allow you to be on satellite within a few minutes.

  • Remove the components from  foam-lined cases
  • Assemble the tripod and position legs
  • Clip together the reflector segments and fix feedarm
  • Use gimbal and bubble to ensure mount is level.
  • Set inclinometer to required satellite elevation and adjust for bubble.
  • Apply power and allow modem to boot
  • Using app linked to modem, scan azimuth for satellite signal
  • Peak signal in azimuth and elevation.
  • Connect to IP connection via cable or WI-FI.
  • Prepare for transmission!


SC300 SatFinder System

10W, 25W,40W BUC

Bandwidth packages available

Gilat, Hughes and Newtec versions

Automatic Motorisation