SNG Vehicle Installation System

QWIK SNG offers Sat-Comm Broadcast’s SNG technology when budget, timescale or location preclude a fully coachbuilt vehicle.

QWIK SNG offers a cost-effective and rapid solution to transform existing technical vehicles into sophisticated SNG facilities.

QWIK SNG offers affordable technology in a fully integrated electronics rack and the advanced AuraSat antenna system. The fully configured rack and the antenna both come ready to mount fit onto and into the vehicle. Connect the wiring loom supplied betwen the two, add power, your program signals…and go!

10ru-rack-front-ccropped       10ru-rack-rear-cropped

                Rack Front                                            Rack Rear


  • A straightforward installation process
  • AuraSat advanced auto-pointing antenna system
  • Complete electronics rack with interconnecting cable loom
  • Pod mounted SSPA or TWTA RF power amplifier


  • Redundant Transmission Chain available
  • DVB-S2 Modulation
  • HD
  • Encryption
  • Encoder Upgrades
  • Voice Comms
  • Expanding Audio/Video monitoring systems