3000D12 Autopointing Flyaway Antenna

The 300D12 is a high performance Autopointing Ku-band flyaway antenna that is lightweight, rugged and dependable.  It’s ideal for rapid disaster recovery deployments, and can be deployed without tools by non-technical staff in a few minutes.


  • DVB-S & DVB-S2 carrier recognition
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access point
  • Configured via Wifi enabled tablet or laptop
  • Reliable auto-pointing with GPS and beacon receiver
  • Worldwide satellite tables

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The precision engineered 1.2m carbon-fibre segmented reflector is fitted with long life catches designed to maintain perfect surface accuracy even after repeated handling.


The sturdy tripod design features a fast-pointing 3 axis motorised mount.


The antenna, feed and tripod pack into two padded cases.   Each weigh less than the 32kg limit for checked baggage and comply with IATA airline luggage regulations.

Tripod and Mount

The tripod and mount are designed for maximum rigidity, minimum weight and ease of handling, The antenna mount features stiffened legs, CNC machined aluminium components and long life stainless steel bearings.


Assembly is straightforward taking one person less than five minutes to complete without additional tools.

Easy-to-use rotary hand controls and secure locking levers allow you to be on satellite within a few minutes.

  • Remove the components from  foam-lined cases
  • Assemble the tripod and position legs
  • Clip together the reflector segments and fix feedarm
  • Secure LNB & and BUC cables
  • Browse to web-based menu using Wi-Fi enabled tablet or laptop
  • Select satellite and click ‘Find’