AKD Sat-Comm provide reservable NewsSpotter bandwidth from KA-SAT, enabling the modern journalist complete freedom to roam.

NewsSpotter gives broadcasters, webcasters and governmental services the freedom to communicate and transmit video and data from remote places where there is a lack of terrestrial coverage. Bandwidth can be reserved online using the booking application (details below), which is perfect for occasional, last minute use, or for guaranteeing reservations for dedicated use.

NewsSpotter also serves the film industry, allowing producers to cost-efficiently send rushes to editing studios, and has been deployed for civilian safety services to coordinate relief work.


  • EASY
    Easy to deploy and point


    Automatic scheduling, internet-based booking and delivery of signal to your injection point


    Lightweight kits with small antennas, simple and easy to transport everywhere


    Very competitive price of equipment and service


  • FAST
    Very high data rates for contribution in HD and 3D

NewsSpotter Booking Portal

Useful pointing APP's

Ka-Sat Finder     finder

(Good for performing site survey and checking direction of satellite)

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 Ka-Sat Pointer     1200x630bf

(Communicates with Modem and helps point antenna)

download-on-itunes-button          download-google


Useful Documents

How to perform a Speed Test on your NewsSpotter System    


How to Install and activate your terminal    

(Explains the complete installation process)


Booking Sessions T&C's    

(Explains the timeline of how to make a booking and when to cancel)