With the recent improvements in global satellite connectivity and in video encoding performance, AKD Sat-Comm are pleased to introduce Commtainer-Sat.

Commtainer-Sat is the solution for providing “live” video feeds from a vessel, to be monitored and controlled from a central hub.  The system is fully integrated into a 10 foot mini container  which can be simply “locked” onto the deck of any vessel.  Once connected the system can transmit up to 16 video feeds simultaneously at varying data-rates depending on the bandwidth availability.  The video feeds can all be monitored in the hub on a large screen and two can be selected by the hub operator to be high resolution (~1.5Mb/s).  The video inputs could be from many different areas of the ship for example:

  • From a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

  • From the divers shack (live video and data)

  • From the ROV cabin (live video and data)

  • From the bridge

  • From a roving wireless camera on deck

The hub is able to monitor multiple vessels simultaneously meaning that surveyors can work much more efficiently & cost effectively with multiple vessels from the comfort of the hub.

The system comes as standard with 16 channels of video but 4 or single channel systems for smaller vessels are available.


  • 10 foot marine capable mini container with integral tropicalised air conditioning.
  • UPS protection in case of power outage.
  • 130cm or 90cm Ku-band or Global Xpress Ka-band satellite connectivity.
  • High power long range Wi-Fi connectivity around container.
  • Automatic 3G/4G/LTE connectivity when close to shore.
  • Up to 16 HD inputs each with their own adaptive rate dual encoder.
  • Local high resolution recording on Solid State Disk of each input, fully accessible from the hub.
  • Professional video conference system providing high resolution connectivity between ship and hub on large scale monitors.
  • Configurable hub based on number of video feeds and number of vessels.


Commtainer-Sat is delivered in a heavy duty marine capable mini ISO container with removable locking feet that can be welded to the ship’s deck.  The container is fully air conditioned to ensure that the temperature of the internal equipment is maintained within manufacturers guidelines.  The system requires 110V 3 phase AC mains fed from the ships electrical system and consumption should be no more than 4kW.  The technical system is backed up by a UPS providing around 20 minutes autonomy and loss of power can trigger an alarm in the hub if required.  The Commtainer-Sat is then designed to be mounted on the front deck with good visibility to the sky/satellite.  There should be no need for day to day access to the container as all equipment can be controlled remotely.



The satellite system uses Electronic BeamForming (EBF) Gyro and 3D Gyro to provide extremely high satellite tracking performance.

The satellite platform used is designed to maximise the available bandwidth by dynamically adapting to the changing climatic conditions.

The encoding system utilises the latest in adaptive encoding technologies to enable the best quality video from the smallest possible bandwidth.

On board high resolution recording of all video feeds at 10Mb/s rates.  When the vessel returns to shore, these high resolution recordings can be transferred manually to the hub based storage.  All video is time & date stamped to enable efficient searching.

The vessel will also have 4G/LTE connectivity when it gets within 5 miles of the shore.  The changeover between satellite and 4G is automatic.

The video conference system will work with the available bandwidth.  That means if the vessel is transmitting live videos then the bandwidth might be restricted down to it’s minimum datarate, but as soon as the video stops, then the VC system will automatically expand to fill the available bandwidth as required.